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Awara Restaurant Deliveries & Take Aways

City Bowl and Atlantic Seaboard from

Mon to Sun, 12pm to 10pm

Southern Suburbs 4pm to 7pm

Local Pickup at 33 Church Street, Cape Town

Please WhatsApp or Call us on +27 21 4240000  or [email protected] for support 


Bhel Puripeanuts, puffed rice, tomato, onion, dhania, chilli, tamarind dressingR 42.61
Papdi Chatflour crisps, chick peas, mint, tamarind and yogurt chutneyR 42.61
Hummustopped with olive oil, dhania,chilli and laacha nanR 55.65
Bharthasmoked eggplant puree with miso and laacha nanR 55.65
Guacamoleavocado, tomato, onion, dhania, chilli oil and tortilla chipsR 64.35
Queso Fonditothree cheeses, red beans, onion, jalapeno and tortilla chipsR 64.35
Kulchanan stuffed with slow roasted duck, blue cheese or assorted mushroomR 55.65
Butter Chicken Kulchanan stuffed with chopped chicken tikka and makhani sauceR 60.00



Spinach Saladcitrus dressing, warm assorted mushroomsR 68.70
Cos Saladdhania dressing, roasted veg couscous saladR 68.70
Shish Taoukboneless chicken kabab, bulgar wheat tomato saladR 68.70
Lamb Koftaminced lamb kabab, chilli garlic yogurt dipR 68.70
Lamb Galohti Kabab and Chicken Haleemfragrant lamb pate, slow cooked chicken with lentils, nanR 77.39
Gun Powder Calamariblackened grilled calamari, rocket saladR 81.74
Fish Tacoscrispy fish, salsa, corn tortillaR 86.09
Prawn Enchiladasranchero sauce, cheese, corn tortillasR 107.83
Mushroom Chilaquilestomatillo and pumpkin seed sauce, crisp tortilla chipsR 64.35



Chicken Tikkaspicy garlic ginger yoghurt marinated chicken and garlic nanR 155.65
Chicken Cheese Kababmild creamy cheese marinated chicken and laacha nanR 155.65
Chicken Fajitaswith salsa, guacamole and corn tortillasR 155.65
Kuzu Tandirslow roasted lamb leg, humus and khameera nanR 194.78
Lamb Biriaslow roasted lamb with chillies, guacamole and corn tortillaR 207.83
Lamb Bara Chopstandoori chops, palak channa and biryani riceR 216.52
Grilled Salmonherb tahini, pumpkin seed salsa and rojo riceR 186.09
Grilled Chilli Prawnsadobo chilli king prawns and saffron riceR 303.48
Steak Fajitaswith salsa, guacamole and corn tortillasR 207.83
Grilled Beef Fillet Steakwith tequila mushroom or adobo chilli sauce and chipotle salt fries R 216.52
Grilled Beef Sirloin Steakwith tequila mushroom or adobo chilli sauce and chipotle salt fries R 194.78
Grilled Vegetableseggplant, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and warm chickpeasR 125.22


Curries served with Basmati Rice
Butter Chickenchicken tikka in creamy tomato & cashew nut curryR 164.35
Murg Lababdarchicken tikka= in chunky and creamy tomato curryR 164.35
Murg Methi Kormachicken curry with fenugreekR 164.35
Murg Handi Lazeezchicken curry with saffronR 164.35
Lal Maaslamb curry with roasted red chillies & yogurtR 207.83
Nihari Gohstslow roasted lamb curryR 207.83
Jhinga Masalawith fresh tomatoes & onionsR 303.48
Palak Paneerhomemade cheese with spicy pureed spinachR 146.96
Mushroom Biryanisaffron rice baked with assorted mushrooms served with raita curries served with riceR 146.96



Garlic Nancrisp nan with garlic butterR 33.91
Laacha Nanlayered nan with butterR 33.91
Khameera Nansoft leavened plain nanR 33.91
Romali Rotithin flat breadR 38.26
Safron Ricecooked with saffron & butterR 38.26
Biryani Ricecooked with yoghurt and saffronR 38.26
Rojo Ricecooked with tomatoesR 38.26
Basmati Riceplain steamed riceR 29.57
Roasted Vegmixed vegetablesR 33.91
Frieswith chipotle saltR 33.91
Aloo Chaatspicy blackened potatoesR 64.35
Green Saladdhania , citrus or chipotle dressingR 33.91
Kachumber Raitayogurt with tomato, onion & cucumberR 33.91
Dal Makhanislow cooked black lentils with butterR 86.09



Baklavawith pistachio and ice creamR 68.70
Carrot Halvahot carrot pudding with ice creamR 64.35
Cheesecakewith caramelR 64.35
Chocolate Fondantwith ice creamR 64.35
Churroswith dolce de leche sauceR 64.35
Ice Creammango, lithchi and coconutR 60.00
Kulfiice cream with saffron & pistachioR 60.00
Phirnicold rice pudding with saffron & pistachioR 60.00


Delivery Schedule (Last Order at 21:00)

City Bowl 12:00 to 22:00 ( Zip 8000, 8001, 8002 )  R 50

Atlantic Seaboard 12:00 to 22:00 ( Zip 8005, 8040, 8005, 8051, 8060 ) R 75

Southern Suburbs 16:00 to 19:00 ( Zip 7725, 7735, 7745, 7800, 7824, 7801, 7806, 7845, 7708, 7705, 7700, 7401, 7435, 7430, 7405 )  R 125

Local Pickup 12:00 to 22:00

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